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K3 Teacher  

Mrs. Beatriz Schumacher

Phone: 956-324-2277                           


Week: May7-11


Calender Song & Opening Activities

 Letters: Ww-Xx
Trace Letter:Ww 
 Bible:Adam and Eve (Gen.1:26)
Poems & Finger Plays:Where Does the Wind Go?


Music: Calender Song & Opening Activities
Number Flashcards 1-35
Number Concept Cards Review-  1-15
Health:The Buzz on Honeybees
Story Time: Growing Up With Amber Lamb : Mother's Flower Garden


Music: Calender Song and Opening Activities

Letter: Xx
Trace and color :Xx
Poetry For You and Me: Fuzzy Wuzzy, Creepy Crawly


Music: Calender Song and Opening Activities

Number Flashcards 1-35
Numbers Concept Cards 1-15
Numbers and Skills: count and color


Music: "Letters and Numbers" (Instructional Video) 
Review Letters:Ww-Xx and Numbers 1-15
Trace Letters: Ww-Xx 
Counting objects  1-35