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Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance

2017 - 2018 First Quarter

K3 Perfect Attendance


K4 Perfect Attendance


K5 "A" Honor Roll

Fernanda B., Joaquin B., Marlee E., Celeste M.

K5 "A-B" Honor Roll

Izabella G.

K5 Perfect Attendance

Celeste M.

First Grade "A" Honor Roll

Gael A.

First Grade "A-B" Honor Roll

Victoria S. and Toby T.

First Grade Perfect Attendance

Toby T.

Second Grade "A" Honor Roll

Lena C. and Felix d.l.C.

Second Grade "A-B" Honor Roll

Victoria B. 

Second Grade Perfect Attendance

Victoria B.

Third/Fourth Grade "A" Honor Roll

Francisco A., Jonathan L., and Sebastian L.

Third/Fourth Grade "A-B" Honor Roll

Matthew M. and Amado T.

Third/Fourth Grade Perfect Attendance

Matthew M.

Fifth Grade "A" Honor Roll


Fifth Grade "A-B" Honor Roll

Jacob M. and Gabriella M.

Fifth Grade Perfect Attendance

Jacob M.

Sixth Grade "A" Honor Roll

Olga A. and Karen E.

Sixth Grade "A-B" Honor Roll

Rodolfo J., Abigail L., and Kristabel M.

Sixth Grade Perfect Attendance


Middle School "A" Honor Roll


Middle School "A-B" Honor Roll

Nicholas C. and Sebastian R.

Middle School Perfect Attendance


High School "A" Honor Roll

Perla E., Paola O., Elizabeth P., Mariana R., Vanessa R., and Cynthia S.M.

High School "A-B" Honor Roll

Jarred L., Angie O., and Mikaela S.

High School Perfect Attendance

Cynthia S.M.