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Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance

2017 - 2018 Third Quarter

K3 Perfect Attendance

Saul D.

K4 Perfect Attendance


K5 "A" Honor Roll

Isabella E.

K5 "A-B" Honor Roll


K5 Perfect Attendance


First Grade "A" Honor Roll

Fernanda B, Marlee E.

First Grade "A-B" Honor Roll

Joaquin B, Celeste M.

First Grade Perfect Attendance

Celeste M.

Second Grade "A" Honor Roll

Gael A.

Second Grade "A-B" Honor Roll

Luis G., Victoria S., Toby T. 

Second Grade Perfect Attendance

Toby T.

Third Grade "A" Honor Roll

Victoria B., Felix d. l. C.

Third Grade "A-B" Honor Roll


Third Grade Perfect Attendance

Felix d. l. C.

Fouth Grade "A" Honor Roll

Francisco A., Israel H., Kennadie K., Jonathan L., Sebastian L., Amado T.

Fourth Grade "A-B" Honor Roll

Matthew M.

Fourth Grade Perfect Attendance

Matthew M., Amado T.

Middle School "A" Honor Roll

Olga A., Karen E., Abigail L.

Middle School "A-B" Honor Roll

Alejandro G., Daniel H., Jacob M., Kristabel M.

Middle School Perfect Attendance

Jacob M.

High School "A" Honor Roll

Carlos E., Jarred L, Vanessa R.

High School "A-B" Honor Roll

Ernesto E., Dara H., Andrea M.

High School Perfect Attendance

Angie O.