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Seventh - Twelfth Grade

Week of

Oct. 16 - 20

Oct. 23 - 27


Lang. Arts 800: Unit 2 Test, UNIT 3 A1, A2, A3, A4

English I: Unit 2 A9, Q2, Test

English II: Unit 2 A13, A14, Q3

English III: Unit 2 Special Project (chapt. 1-15 summaries) due 10/27,Test; Alan & Vane: ONLY Unit 2 Special Project (chapt. 1-15 summaries) due 10/27

English IV:  Unit 2 A3, Q1 - Unit 1 Special Project (Recurring Themes) due 10/23 and Unit 2 Special Project (Thesis Statement) due 11/03

For English III & IV: Read chapters 11-15 by 10/22

For English III:  Unit 2 Special Project (chapt. 1-15 summaries) due 10/27

For English IV: Unit 1 Special Project (Themes) due 10/23 and Unit 2 Special Project (Thesis Statement) due 11/03

Lang. Arts 800: Unit

English I: Unit 2 A9, Q2, Test, Unit 3 A1, A2

English II: Unit 2 Test, Unit 3 A1, A2, A3, A5

English III: Unit 3 A1, A2, A3, A1, A5; Alan & Vane: Unit 6 Q1, A7, A8, A10, A11

English IV:  Unit 2 A5, A6, Q2, A9 (Unit 1 Special Project - Essay on Themes - due 10/13)

For English III and IV: Read chapters 16 and 17 by THIS Sunday (10/29)

For English III: Unit 2 Special Project - Chapters 1-15 Summaries Due THIS Friday (10/27)

For English IV:  Unit 1 Special Project - Recurring Themes Due THIS Monday (10/23) and Unit 2 Special Project - Thesis Statement due THIS Friday (10/27)


Algebra I: Unit 2 A6, A7, A8

Geometry: Unit 3 A2, Q1

Algebra II: Unit 2 A11, Q2, A13

Pre-Calculus:  Unit 2 A15, Q4

Algebra I: Unit 2 A9, Q2, A11, A12, A13

Geometry:  Unit 3, A4, A5, A6, A7, Q2

Algebra II:  Unit 2 A13, A14, A15, Q3, Test

Pre-Calculus: Unit 2 A17, A18, A19, A20

 Social Studies

History 800: Unit 2 Q2, A7, A8, X, A9

W. History: Unit 3 Q2, A7, A8, X, A9 

W. Geography: Unit 3 Q2, A11, A12, Q3, A16

A. History: Unit 4 Q2, TEST, UNIT 5 A1, X, A2

Gov. & Economics: Unit 4 A3, Q1, A5, X, A7


History 800: Unit 3 A3, A4, A5,Q1, A7

W. History: Unit 3 A1, A2, Q1, A4, A5

W. Geography: Unit 3 A5, Q1, A7, A8, A9

A. History: Unit 4 A4, A5, Q1, A8, A10

Gov. & Eco.: Unit 3 A11, Q3, Test, Unit 4 A1, A2


General Science: Unit 3:12-14(Q4)

Biology: Unit 3: 11-13(Q2)

Chemistry: Unit 3: 5-11(Q3)

IPC: Unit 3: 12-15

Physics: Unit 2: 18-21(TEST); Unit 3:1-3(Q1)

General Science: Unit 3:16 (TEST) & Unit 4:1-5(Q)

Biology: Unit 3: 14-18(TEST) & Unit 4:1-2

Chemistry: Unit 3: 12-16

IPC: Unit 3: 17-21(TEST), Unit 4:1-3

Physics: Unit 3:4-8(Q)



Unit 3 9, X, X, TEST, X

Bible class: Unit 3 X, A8, X, X, A9


Spanish I: Unit 3 A3, A4, A5, X, A6

Spanish II: Unit 3 Q2, A13, A15, X, A16

Ess. of Communication: Unit 3 Q2, A12, A14, X, A15

Fundamentals of Digital Media: Unit 

High School Health: Unit 

Music Appreciation: Unit 

Small Business Entrepreneurship: Unit 

BCIS: Unit 

Career Explorations: Unit

Physical Fitness:  Unit 5 A1, A2, Q1, X, X

Spanish 1: Unit 2 Q2, A22, Test, Unit 3 A1, A2

Spanish 11: Unit 3 A3, Q1, A7, A8, A9

Ess. of Communication: Unit 3 A4, Q1, A6, A8, A10

Fundamentals of Digital Media: Unit

High School Health: Unit

Music Appreciation: Unit

Small Business Entrepreneurship: Unit

BCIS: Unit

Career Explorations: Unit

Physical Fitness: Unit 4 A7, A12, Q2, A18, Test



Oct. 19: Bible Test to be recited.
Nov. 14: Bible Test (Proverbs 22:15-25 NCV) to be recited.  

English III and English IV students need to through chapter 15 by 10/22 and through chapter 17 by 10/29
English III Unit 2 Special Project: Chapters 1-15 summaries due 10/27
English IV Unit 1 Special Project: Recurring Themes due 10/23 and Unit 2 Special Project: Thesis Statement due 11/03

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